So long 2012!

I realize that this is a tad bit late (ok, really late) to do anything “new years” related but heck, I figured i’d catch everyone up on my 2012 so enjoy a laugh at my expense or a chuckle at the madness that was my year.

Thought i’d do a breakdown of each month


On the 26th, on a warm sunny day in Virginia, well at least it seemed that way for a moment with the heater on in our apartment, I learned that I was pregnant. Which came as a total shock because I had stopped my birth control a couple months prior (notice the sarcastic typing tone)! I was going to become a mom and I would grow a parasite in me for the next 9 months; panic and acceptance sunk in.


On the 12th, we got married, outside of the courthouse with a wind chill of about -2 degrees, it was lovely! I joke about this now because I call this our double barrel shotgun wedding. We had talked about getting married in the future but we were in no rush, so the main thing why we did was so I could get the benefits and have me down as a dependent just in case if anything were to happen. The pregnancy was going well and it was great because I didn’t even feel like I was pregnant!


Flew home to tell all my friends and family that I was pregnant. We were telling everyone we were expecting possibly late September, at this point I was merely going off my last period because I hadn’t had a dr’s appt yet. On the 23rd I had my first Dr’s appt and that is a story in itself, which i’ll post later, but this is where we found out we were having TWINS (track back to the double barrel shotgun wedding)!!! So, we go through the panic and acceptence stage again, it was like being pregnant all over again!


We learn that we are having boys and they are in fact identical. Pregnancy continues to smoothly into the second trimester but my ravenous appetite kicks in, I swear, I ate enough Wendy’s to last me 4 years during this time! Wendy’s was my friend, my only friend, my delicious friend that I visited every day at lunchtime during work.


I experience some sickness but overall, still going well. We decide that I cannot climb four flights of stairs for the rest of my pregnancy, it was just not going to happen so we found a townhouse and we move. My family decides to throw me a baby shower in California, now, I couldn’t attend so I attended via web cam. It was the best I could do and I enjoyed watching them as they opened the gifts for me on web cam.


We had our maternity photos done, I was put on bed rest due to an irritable uterus. I had been experiencing braxton hicks for a while but just figured it was normal.


I call this the bed rest club month because it was that, not a fun club because what fun can you have besides online shopping and endless tv? I’ll admit, I didn’t totally stay on it because I was bored out of my mind and was still cooking, doing light cleaning and getting the nursery done, who else was going to do it?! Oh, and on July 28th, my water ruptured!


After spending the first week on bed rest in the hospital to try and keep the babies in, fighting with the OB and the MFM (maternal fetal medicine) Dr, I decided to have a c-section to take the babies out. This was because baby A’s water was the one that ruptured and after seeing the fluid levels were low and to avoid infection, I made my decision. On the 4th, my boys came into the world, it was the happiest moment of my life and it’s a moment I will never forget. Unfortunately, since they were born at 34 weeks, they were whisked off to the NICU. Due to some apnea episodes and reflux issues, Liam came home after 2 weeks and Evan at 3 weeks. So with that being said, this was the saddest month of the year filled with lots of tears and guilt.


Both of the boys were finally home and we were finally a family, not half at home and half still at the hospital. My mom was here during this time to help out with things and it was a great help. This was mainly a transition month and learning the triumphs and fails of breastfeeding, I finally decided to exclusively pump. They never did get a good latch and breastfeeding just was not working for them. We also took their “newborn” pictures by the same photographer who did my maternity photos.


Their first halloween!! I got to put together their Mario and Luigi outfits and shamelessly took pictures for their first holiday. We started the boys on reflux medication since they were throwing up a lot and were not my good babies.


I decided to stop pumping by the end of the month, I just couldn’t make enough to feed both of these fatties. They were already up to drinking 6 1/2 ounces!!


I flew with my mom and the boys to California, so we spent the whole month back home with family. Since the Dan is in the Marine Corps and we would be done with recruiting duty in the summer of ’14, I wasn’t sure if we’d be back before they turned 2 years old, so this was the chance for everyone to see them as babies. We enjoyed Christmas with the family but sad because Dan wasn’t able to fly out to spend it with us.


So, there it is. I guess when you read it it’s not so bad but to me, it was a whirlwind of crap, bad crap and good crap but crap nonetheless. Of course, the shining moment was when I got to finally meet my boys and actually hold them but the circumstances of those first couple of months were not fun. Definitely an emotional year but i’m looking forward to what 2013 has in store for us but also grateful for all the blessings 2012 gave me.



1 thought on “So long 2012!”

  1. Interesting blog! As I am pregnant with Mono Di twin boys… I could not sleep because of severe heart burn…. So I decide to see what Dr. Google had to say and found this page….. Thanks for taking the time and writing in such a funny way your experience… it’s 5 am right now and it would be much boring if I wasn’t laughing with a good humor and passion you tell your estories…
    God Bless you and your beautiful family!

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