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My twin pregnancy

I thought i’d tell you a little about my pregnancy, my *cue birds singing” magical pregnancy. Ok, so it wasn’t so “magical” but it was a lot better than I anticipated it to be. The whole pregnancy I had a handful of days when I actually had morning sickness and when I actually threw up, count it on one hand (what is that like 5?). Yea, shocking right? Especially with two little blood sucking parasites in there, you’d think I’d have a parking spot reserved in front of the toilet but luckily, I dodged that slimy smelling bullet.


The first trimester was a blur, because I didn’t even feel pregnant, honestly, if I didn’t know I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant. Now, I totally get those stories you hear about girls not knowing they’re pregnant, yea, I would have been one of those girls. In any case, there wasn’t much belly growth past my already formed gut but here’s some proof of the beginning of the end of my so called “semi flat pudgy stomach”. By the end, I had gained a whopping 3 pounds, not bad right?

Now, the second trimester is when the whole twin stuff settled in. Once I found out at the end of my first trimester it was twins, I immediately hit up google. Now, google is a WONDERFUL thing, or a malicious tool to keep you from actually working at your place of employment and sucking you into the thousands of pages when you enter in the keyword “twins”. In my case, it was my whole world for my entire pregnancy. So, after seeing my OB and seeing the MFM, I asked them questions after I had done my own research on Google. They told me to do nothing special, I don’t need a certain amount of calories and I would just have to take a prenatal. Well, let me tell you something ladies and gents who are expecting twins, that’s a load of BS!!! From my Dr. Google, I learned so much. I read about the amount of iron and vitamins I would need for my special pregnancy, the amount of calories I would need everyday, how much weight to gain, how much to gain in each trimester, etc….so much stuff! I was scared that they didn’t tell me anything special about my pregnancy but thankful I did the research on my own. I’ll post a few links at the end that I used throughout my pregnancy for info. So, being armed with my information, the basic rule I came across was to gain 20 pounds by 20 weeks to try and avoid pre term labor. Now, I had mo/di boys (monochorionic/diamniotic), which was the second riskiest type of twin pregnancy. I was going to be seen by MFM (maternal fetal medicine) every 2 weeks to monitor for TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome), So with the type of pregnancy I had, I was expecting to deliver between 32-36 weeks, which was roughly the average for mo/di pregnancies. So after I read about the necessary weight gain and seeing I had only gained 3 pounds, I immediately revamped my diet which meant I needed an EXTRA 1000 calories a day, so you guessed it, WENDYS!!! Not the best diet plan, but I figured i’d pack in those extra calories in the most delicious way possible. Eventually, my ravenous twin appetite kicked in and Wendy’s didn’t cut it so I shoveled in healthier alternatives when I could stomach them. Eventually, during my second trimester, I gained 25 lbs and met the goal of 21 pounds by 20 weeks. It was a tough job, but someone had to feed me so thank you greasy fast food chains, you saved me. By the end of the second trimester I was well into pregnancy pants, my stomach was growing steadily and I actually felt pregnant!

Belly go boom, amiright? 
Top from left to right: 17w,18w,19w
Bottom from left to right: 20w, 22w,24w

 So, the last trimester was the kicker, no pun intended. I was having a lot of braxton hicks, but since my Dr’s didn’t really explain to me that twin pregnancies have a higher chance of having BH’s or an irritable uterus, I ignored them because I figured it was normal and they weren’t too painful so, swept those right under the rug. While I was at work one day, my extremities started going numb from my toes, up to my fingers and my nose, literally. I ended up losing vision and I immediately thought “omg, I have gestational hypertension!”. I called my OB and they told me to go in since nothing was alleviating the symptoms so I text Dan and told him to meet me at the hospital. The hospital was literally, right across the street from my job so by the time I was leaving I could walk ok and vision was slowly coming back but still feeling dizzy and tingly and just overall weird. I was concerned because up until then, my pregnancy was pretty smooth, no complications thankfully. They took me back and did a CAT scan, took blood and just observed me. Dan got there after they drew blood and waited while i had the CAT scan done; everything came back normal. They then started asking me how I was feeling and I mentioned that my BH’s were getting a wee bit painful but nothing overly alarming. They told me they would send me back to L&D just to be safe so they could hook me up to the monitors and make sure everything was ok. I immediately regretted I said anything because I didn’t want to keep Dan away from work if everything was fine, but I figured better safe than sorry and they’ll send me on my way laughing at me from mentioning BH’s. Well, got to L&D, hooked up to the monitors and the nurse started grilling me about my BH’s. Questions like: How often do you feel them, Do you feel them often, Are they painful, Do they take your breath away, Do you have more than 7 in an hour, How long has this been going on for, Have you talked to your OB about this…blah blah blah. I answered all the questions without any second thought and she said “I’m going to give the on call Dr about this, you’re having too many contractions and you could go into labor soon”, so I said “Come again? What?”. I looked at Dan like wtf? The on call comes in and asks me the questions and goes on to say i’m having frequent contractions, too many to be regular BH’s. So he asks me again about the frequency, when I tell him he gets an attitude with me, “You’re having too many to be regular braxton hicks, why haven’t you told your Dr about this? You should have told them!”, “I didn’t think it was serious, just regular braxton hicks, no one asked me if I was having any!” He tells me I have to go on bed rest or i’ll go into early labor, they’re going to give me the Terbutaline shots (steroid shots to help develop the babies lungs in utero) just in case and I was going to have to start taking Procardia to slow down the contractions. Eventually I went home to my bed/couch prison. Great, bed rest, when I have to get everything done with the house , the babies, the equipment for the babies, cook, clean, take care of the dog all because my husband works ridiculous hours and nothing will get done if I don’t do it. So of course, I panicked and had to grin and bear it all. About a month passed when D-day came….but for now, pictures!

Top left to right: 26w, 28w
Bottom left to right: 30w, 32w
A photo from my maternity shoot at 29 weeks

So, on July 28th, at 33 weeks, I woke up to go to the bathroom. When I wiped, I saw a white glob and thought to myself “Well, there goes the rest of my mucous plug.”. Now, I had been losing what seems like my mucous plug, in pieces for a couple of months. I did have some light spotting a week before, but thought nothing of it since it was just that one time and I had nothing after that. So this was at like, 2am I think, so I went back to bed. No more than about a half hour passed by that I was awakened by the urge of something popping out, I freaked because I thought “OMG I CAN FEEL ONE OF THEIR HEADS COMING OUT!!!”, so I ran to the bathroom. It felt like a bubble was coming out of me and as soon as I stepped in there, I felt like I peed myself, warm liquid gushed out. It wasn’t a lot, but enough to trickle down my leg and when I sat on the toilet, more came out. I had a mini panic attack but I kept it in. I looked in my black underware and saw white bits and pieces, so I did what any normal first time mom would do, I wiped my finger in it and smelled it. I immediately knew it wasn’t pee, it had a fresh/sweet smell to it and I knew at that moment, my water broke. In a sick way, I smiled but as soon as I remembered I was only 33 weeks, I started freaking out. I walked out of that bathroom with wet undies in hand, woke up Dan and said “hey, HEY! Wake up babe.” “huh? what? what, what happened?” “we have to go to the hospital” “huh, why? what’s wrong?” “my water just broke” “oh, uhm, ok, i’m up. ARE YOU SURE?!” I couldn’t help but laugh and started packing a bag. I called the on call, they said to go in so we grabbed their diaper bag, my makeshift hospital bag and went to the hospital. When I called the hospital and told them what happened, the main thing that stood out from our conversation was “well, you might be having those babies tonight”. That’s all I could think of the whole ride there, babies, I might be having my babies tonight! Now, believe me, by this point daily activities were a challenge and downright acrobatical (that’s a word now by the way), so in a way, I was a little relieved. They hooked me up, verified my water broke and after being admitted the on call Dr came in and told me what the nurse said on the phone, but they’d try to keep them in if they could and the OB on the next shift would see me in a couple of hours to talk things over. So, to sum it up, the next Dr told me they’d try to keep them in, it was too early for them to come out but if they had to take them out, they would. They gave the steroid shots again and confined me to the bed in the hospital for the next week. 34 weeks seemed to be the magical number of viability and minimal NICU time apparently, so they kept me in labor limbo and at 34 weeks, we had a c-section. I will say, hearing those cries for the first time was an overwhelming emotion I know I won’t have again until I have another one, or when they say “mommy” for the first time.

So, on August 4th, 2012, Evan and Liam were born at 12:49 and 12:50pm. Evan was 4lbs, 7oz and Liam was 4lbs, 13oz. Both were breathing fine and on room air from the start. They had a couple weeks in the NICU but were able to come home with minimal complications.


Now, I did get stretch marks, not as bad as I thought, but they’re mainly confined to my lower belly. I gained a total of 44 lbs and lost all of it but 3 lbs but I am just starting to work out now, so hopefully i’ll be back to my semi pudgy self again.


Links to information

Twin pregnancy diet- go here

General twin information- go here

Twin zygosity information- go here

Prenatal nutrition info for twin pregnancy- go here * I found that women’s one a day prenatal plus DHA supplement had all the proper dosages*

BabyCenter group link about zygosity and averages about twin pregnancies- go here *this group is a great resource*





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