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Happy half birthday to my little guys!

I though i’d celebrate their belated half birthday with a memory. It still seems like yesterday I found out I was having twins! From the moment we found out until today, I still can’t believe they’re mine and that there are two, it’s still so bizarre to me. This is something I wrote the day after finding out we were expecting not one, but two. Hope you enjoy a giggle!

So I had my first appointment yesterday and I was both nervous and excited to finally see someone and make sure everything was ok. Saw the midwife and it was a pretty uneventful appointment due to just a routine questioning and going over history, etc. but when it came up on the subject of testing I wanted to see if i could still do the NT scan. For one so I could see my baby because they wouldn’t do an ultrasound until 20 weeks and two, so I could see if there were any potential problems. Well after the appointment at the radiology place i’m very glad I opted for the scan!
So they told me to chug as much water as possible and rush over to the lab so they could fit me in before they closed. Drank about a liter of water in the car, called up the hubs to see if he could make it but he couldnt and arrived at the place. Went in, sat down and waited in anticipation for the ultrasound. Needless to say I was the last one in the room waiting and just kept eyeballing the door out of the corner of my eye while trying to keep calm and hide my excitement! Finally she came in and called me in, changed into a gown, drew some blood and she placed me in the room for the scan..
I was sitting in there wanting to scream out of excitement! I kicked my feet, smiled ear to ear, looked up at the screen where I assumed i would see my LO and looked over the equipment just waiting for someone to walk in to put tha gel on my belly and take a look! In walks the tech and she wasn’t too happy i showed up almost at closing time. I cant quite remember her exact words but they were something along the line of hoping its just a normal scan, everything is fine, no surprises and we can get out of here on time. Ignoring her out of excitement I said thats fine, i understand and laid back for the scan. She put the gel and probe on my belly and moves it around, BAM I can see a little circle of what resembles a head and I instantly smile. I’m overcome with joy that i never thought I would experience! Not at any of my birthdays, not at graduations, not at any surprises not even the day of my court wedding had I felt so happy as I did in that flash of seeing that sweet, sweet head!! She moves the probe more and says “Is that? Yup, twins. That means we’re going to be here a while.” Me, “W-what?” and I just covered my mouth in shock, I thought she had made a mistake! She picks up the phone “Yea……yea its twins” and hangs up. As soon as I hear her repeat it I INSTANTLY start crying. It was a mix of joy/surprise/shock/happiness/excitement/scared feelings all at once and I just held my hand over my mouth for the rest of the appointment laughing and crying. I could NOT believe what she had just said, TWINS?!!! Oh my god, i’m having twins, me, ME!!
From there on she started to measure the first one. She mentioned if I wanted to know what I was having and without thinking i said “sure if you can tell already”. She said it looked like a boy and again with the smiles and the crying. She couldn’t get a look at the other one too well so she just got measurements of whats she could. “4oz each and measuring at 15 weeks” she said, “Its too late for the NT check but at least we could guess at the sex”. So for the next hour or so she measured, scanned, noted measurements, printed pictures and put two video clips and pictures on a DVD for me and off I went still in shock and awe.
After getting to the car I just sat in silence. I still coulnd’t believe what just happened and what I saw and that there were really two babies moving around on the tv. That’s one moment i’ll never forget for the rest of my life. I got on the phone and called my mom to tell her the news and she was a mix of excited/shocked as well. I cried when i told her and I could tell she was too but more happy.
Yup, i’m having twins. Still in shock even the next day but not i’m flooded with TONS of other emotions. How the eff did this happen? My dad jinxed me! He joked that I would have twins and of course just laughed it off and said it would be a cruel joke from god lol but i’ll be damned if that man didnt jinx me!!! I mean, I think it was, my grandmother’s sister on my dad’s side had twins but no one else had any! My half brother and sister didnt have any so I just thought there was a slim to no chance of me having twins. I would have a normal, just one baby, pregnancy and I would do it naturally, no drugs and have a nice little start for my family but that aint happening now!! Don’t get me wrong i’m thrilled on the inside but on the outside i’m walking around like a zombie deer in headlights still not believing what I went through and heard yesterday!
I’ve always wanted at least two kids but preferably 4 so now that i’m knockin out 2 this time i’ll get pregnant one more time (hopefully not twins again heh) then i’ll be done!! Now as I think about it more I can’t help but think about all the negative nancy’s that will share their stories with me “oh, you say you want 4 kids but just wait until you have these!” “you’re going to think twice about having another after these!” “you say that now”. Really? Shut your pie hole, I really dont care to hear your war stories unless I specifically ask you about them thank you 🙂 I’ve already heard it from some people and catch me on a bad day, I wont be nice about my reply! You should know by now i’m not like the regular person or chick and how i handle things is WAY different from how you would handle things, trust me! So this just serves as a warning/plea not to tell me that shit because as i’m smiling at you i’m really telling you that you’re an idiot and you don’t tell expectant mothers that shit unless they ask you 🙂

Check out that drool action shot!
One of the ultrasounds from that day, but one of THE ones to determine there were two in there.

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