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The bare twin necessities

16880992.1So, now that i’m *ahem* 6 months experienced into all of this I’ve gained a sense of what’s needed and what’s not. Now, I know all babies are different but I will say to new twin moms, BUYING TWO OF EVERYTHING IS NOT NECESSARY JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE TWINS!! If you’re thinking of getting something, get one and see if they like it because usually one will love it and the other wont. I will share a list of what I have for the boys.

Baby Gear

  • 2 bouncy chairs- I only have two because I received one that was a hand me down, liked it so I bought another one. They did both like it but now, they can’t be in it for too long or else they start getting fussy.
  • 1 diaper backpack- I got this one and it’s been working out great so far. Very glad I got a backpack instead of a regular bag because it leaves my hands free and holds a lot of stuff.
  • 2 cribs- This was a must for us because I didn’t want to room with them, I didn’t want to go through the whole crib transition so we decided to have them in their own cribs from the start.
  • 2 camera monitors- This was another must because they were preemies and they were in their own rooms, I wanted to keep an eye on them without having to constantly walk back and forth at every cry. These are great because now I can keep an eye on them while i’m doing other things around the house during nap time.
  • 1 changing table- I know some people will say they’re a waste of money but for us, a dresser wouldn’t fit so this worked perfectly and I can store all their cloth diapers there and I change them when they’re in there.
  • 1 pack n play- We have this down in the living room where they spend the day. We didn’t get the one with a bassinet or the twin one, too much money and I figure we’d only get minimal use out of it so, we got a cheap one. This one has two different heights so we can adjust it as they get older, it’s great for naps especially after adding more padding.
  • 1 bumbo- Again, only buy one, just to see if your babe likes it. We got one as a hand me down and i’m glad I didn’t buy one because one likes it and one hates it, but they both can’t stand being in it for too long because they just don’t look comfortable. But if you do get one, get it with a tray, it’s great to put toys for them to play with as they get older.
  • 1 summer infant activity chair– This thing, is great but the one we got is a bit flimsy and comes apart easily (we fixed that with duct tape, ghetto handy man!) but they still love it. I will be getting another one because they just love the toys on there, luckily they both like it! I will sit one in the bumbo and one next to this and they can both play with the toys on there.
  • 1 high chair- Now, I will be getting another one because we will be moving soon and I’ll have more space to put it. Otherwise, i’ve seen those booster chairs that strap onto an existing chair, which is great if you’re tight on space but I like the one I got so i’ll get get another.
  • 2 Boppy pillows- If you’re going to be alone feeding the babies, two of these are seriously great. If not a Boppy, there is also this one which I have; 1 Boppy, and 1 of the leach-co. They also serve for breastfeeding but I use these to feed them in, its great.
  • 1 nursing pillow- I have the my breast friend twin nursing pillow and that thing was GREAT! Definitely recommend that but unfortunately, I couldn’t breastfeed very long (only 3 months) because they never did get a good latch so I pumped. When we were in the process of trying, the pillow was awesome because it supported both and I could tandem feed with no problem.
  • 1 swing- I only have one of these because the neighbor gave it to us. They both like it, but its one of those things where they can’t stand it for too long so I’m glad I never had to buy one and glad we only have one!
  • 2 car seats- We got two infant car seats because after reading the advice from other seasoned moms with twins, it was a must. Especially when they’re young and if they’re preemies, its hard to take them out and put them in a carrier or a stroller and if you have to wake them up, you may have a fussy baby on your hands. I still have them in these and use the two car seats when I go out to the store: one in the basket and one in the seat area.
  • 1 double snap n go- This goes along with the above requirement, it’s cheap, light and travels well. Just pop them in it and go! The only thing that sucks about it is that its hard to turn; I call it my stretch limo.
  • 1 Combi twin sport double stroller- I just recently got this from a craigslist add because they’re getting older and the snap n go would be too hard to maneuver as they got heavier. This is a side by side stroller and so far, it’s working out perfectly!
  • 1 jogging stroller- This is great if you’re planning on jogging or going on long walks that don’t always have paved roads. I was originally going to buy the Baby Trend double jogging stroller but I bought a BOB dualie from a yard sale ad, and SO GLAD I got the BOB!! I wasn’t planning on getting it at first because, come on, they’re like $600!! So I really scored  on it and got it for $250 practically brand new.
  • Toys- It’ll depend on your babes and what they like but they didn’t have any interest in toys until they were about 4 months old, but those balls that they can easily grasp are what they like best. They’re not even into teething toys so I’m glad I didn’t get a lot of those.
  • Bottles- Depending on how you plan to feed your baby (breastfeed or formula) will determine how many you will need. I mainly pumped so having bottles was a must. I have a total of about 14 bottles but about 4 of those I don’t use now since they only went up to 6oz. The ones I still use are: Playtex drop in liner bottles, Playtex Ventaire, Dr Browns and Tommee Tippee.
  • Pacifier clips- These are great because when you’re driving alone with both, it’s easier to find their paci without having to scramble around feeling for them.
  • 1 formula Pitcher- I have the Dr. Brown pitcher.
  • Colic Calm/Gas Drops- These are great to just have on handy period!
  • 1 jumperoo- We bought only one to see how it went over with them. Evan LOVES the jumper but Liam has yet to figure it out so for now, one will do.
  • 40 bibs- We have close to that, TONS of bibs which we mainly got all second hand. They go through these like crazy, about 4-6 in a day so with laundry being done lazily, once a week, those bibs come in handy!

Clothes/Nursery Gear

  • Sleepers- Especially if you’re on the east coast during winter like I am, these are great. I have plenty up until 9 months so these are ones that i’m very grateful for having tons of. We use them mainly at night but on a cold day, I can use up to 3 for each lil guy.
  • Onesies- If you’re in warmer weather, get a lot of these. From the blowouts, to spitting up to starting solids, you’re going to be changing them a lot. Honestly, if there is a lil throw up on the onesie, it’s fair game to stay in it, unless its soaked or really gross.
  • Blankets- These we all got as gifts so I think we have a total of 8? I don’t use them all so i’d say maybe 4 would suffice.
  • Pants- I have about 15 different kinds, mainly put these on them when we go out.
  • Shoes- I have about 5 pairs just for kicks because, a baby with shoes is just cute!
  • Hats- Now that it’s winter I put them on but not too often.
  • Socks- Lots of pairs, especially since its cold now
  • Crib sheets- We only have fitted sheets but we change these often so have those.
  • 2 changing table covers- That does it for us.
  • 2 swaddle sleep sacks- FANTASTIC invention, definitely have those handy. If you can, buy 2 for each, just in case they pee through them or throw up.
  • 4 regular sleep sacks- For after they outgrow the swaddle ones.

So with everything we have, laundry piles up but since we have lots, I can do laundry once a week if i’m feeling really lazy. A lil off tangent here but for diapers, we went through about 8-10 a day in the beginning and now, about 4 each a day, more if they poo.

There you have it, that’s my personal list of what you should have with twins. I didn’t need as much as I thought I would luckily because we have limited space in the place we’re renting now. They have tons of fancy gadgets out on the market but I didn’t even bother with all of it because i’m a minimalist. I hope that helps anyone out there!

Bonus: Here is a link for mom’s of multiples to sign up to receive free stuff!! You usually send proof of your babes birth to these companies and they’ll send you samples and coupons and what not. If you’re formula feeding, it’s really great because you get free cans of formula!


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