DIY wall quotes


So, we’re almost settled into our new place, we just moved over the past weekend so i’m looking at all the new empty walls to fill up. Right above our tv in the living room it’s just a blank wall and I thought those wall decal letters/quotes would be PERFECT above it! Well, that would have been great but those are pretty pricey and the ones I want are about $30, so I decided to take a trip to Big Lots and make my own!

$2 at Big Lots!

If you have a printer you can size it to the letters you want but otherwise, I just used 2 different fonts and sized them up to 500 and traced the letters onto the paper, its pretty see through. Then, once all your letters are traced, just cut them out and place them on the wall, THAT’S IT!! Really hard, I know, but it’s definitely worth it, and I still have more than half the roll left so I have endless possibilities to use this on walls.

Big Lots only had this one solid color but I think Lowe’s or Home Depot has the different colored ones so I may check those out to use it for some accent designs around it or use for another room.


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