Twin and life update

So, these past few months have just been a whirlwind of new milestones, concerns and Dr appointments.

Recruiting life update

So, in March we moved to our new place to be closer to his new office and it took us about a month to unpack and go through things. Well, that’s a lie because things are still in boxes 3 months later ;). I do have some good news though, WE HAVE LESS THAN ONE YEAR LEFT ON RECRUITING DUTY!!!! OMG I cannot wait to be done with this crap and move on, seriously. Dan has to re-up in August so soon after, or earlier, we should find out where our next duty station will be.

Twin update

Oh man, time is flying by with these two! They are 10 1/2 months and now have mastered crawling, pulling to stand, crawling to sit and they are starting to work on their stepping and climbing. Oh, did I mention they’re 10 1/2 months so that means they’ll be a year old in less than 2 months??!!!! That’s crazy to me, absolutely crazy, but i’m looking forward to their “little monsters” themed birthday I have planned! Besides those milestones, they’ve been on track for their actual age so far, except, their speech. We had a late 6 month appointment for them, due to the move, at 9 months so I was talking to their Pediatrician about their speech. At that time they were on track still with physical milestones but they really weren’t babbling much. I mean, they’re quiet, besides the grunting and sort of yelling at random moments, these guys were pretty quiet. We talked about how they weren’t saying any consonants and she said that the state had an early intervention program that she would put in a referral for. At first  I regretted mentioning it but I figured what could it hurt to have  them evaluated? So in May someone came to do a short eval on them to see if they needed a further, in depth eval with a speech therapist. She went through the questions about their development and speech, observed them and she agreed with me that they should be making more of an effort to make sounds by now. We made an appointment to do an eval with the speech therapist and sure enough, they qualify for the program. They’re by no means a severe case but they do need some help/encouragement to get them going so as we do sessions with them, I will do another post about that stuff.

Just recently they’ve started to babble (go figure) but she is still going to come and work with them at the same time, we start that next week actually.

Life update

Besides the stuff above, life is going pretty well actually. The PPD I was experiencing seemed to dissipate on its own, which leads to believe me it was a mix of a bit of PPD and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I’d say it really started to go away once we moved into our new place, seriously. I’m thinking it’s because this place is a lot bigger, has more windows so it lets in more light and it feels more like a house instead of a tiny apartment. With me feeling better, seeing the boys get older and knowing we were leaving recruiting duty in the next year, Dan and I started talking about baby #3! We were going back and forth between too soon and let’s wait. Well, I ran out of my birth control, couldn’t find the extra and told him “I guess we’ll see what happens!”. What happened was I got pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, we are adding another member to our family January 2014! I’ve been  called crazy, been asked a million questions, but the one I’ve been happy to answer is THERE IS ONLY ONE BABY IN THERE!! We announced after we had our first ultrasound and I wanted to announce it in a unique way. Since most of my family and friends are on the west coast, FB was the best way to tell everyone there, we had told my mom  when she came to visit. So, I came up with this:

I personally think, it’s brilliant ;), mainly because I’ve seen the same ole pregnancy announcements over and over so I just wanted to do something “clever”.  We are excited and we’ve decided to go team green (not finding out the sex) because this is, 99% sure, our last child. I’m tapped out after this one, I want my body back and my booze so this is it. I’m working on getting normal internet, stupid Verizon, so I can keep up with everything.


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