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I have a dream…….and it involves monsters.

Not in a creepy, erotic fantasy sort of way but as in a birthday vision. YES, I said birthday vision, not mine, but for the twins! It still blows my mind that their 1 year birthday is next month, I can’t focus on the fact that they’ll be toddlers since this past month has just been a blurr from getting things going.

Now, when I thought about this around their 6 month point, I wasn’t planning on doing a cheesy theme, ESPECIALLY that Thing 1 & Thing 2 crap, I was just planning on doing something simple here at our place since I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of people coming. THEN I thought hell, this isn’t their birthday party, it’s mine! Meaning this will probably be the only birthday i’ll get to actually plan and put together before they start saying they want a waffle and pancake birthday party theme or something.So that’s where we I decided on doing a monster theme, since, you know, they’re little monsters right now and it’s a boy-ish theme. But, where do I start? What will I do? Colors? Games? Food? Monster halloween decorations? Well, let me tell you my friends, Pinterest solves all your problems! If you haven’t heard of pinterest, crawl out from under that boring, craftless rock of yours and head over to their website! I first discovered this a couple years ago after a friend told me about it and it seemed a lot like but mo-betta. So I started a board and started pinning away! That’s what this post will be mainly about, my pins. I found so many cute craft ideas, not that i’ll have time to do them all, to make for the party. I’ll do another post after everything is done to let you know what worked or what I was able to pull off but I’ve already started getting things together.

My pinterest board for the party: Some of these are linked on here.

Their invitations from

Monster Beanbag Toss - perfect for kid's parties.

How cute is that game if you have a lot of kids coming?!

Found these at 5 below the other day. Not sure exactly what I plan on doing with them, but hey, they were monsters and it’s a monster bash!

Monster Wreath-I'm Feelin' Crafty

Already in the process of making one of these!

Monster cake

Can we just stop for a minute and recognize how adorable this cake is? I’m contemplating on doing something similar.

Lots of monster cupcake recipes for Halloween or a birthday party.

Some cool looking cupcakes!

 How to make tissue pom poms

Simple DIY pompoms….because who wants to dish out the $7 when it costs you $1 to make?

Monster party ideas

Cute sandwiches for the kids to snack on.

pin the eye on the monster

Fun game for the kids at the party.

 So those are just some of the pins from my board I have, I’m still adding things last minute so if you’re also thinking of doing a fun montser themed birthday for your wee ones, check it out! Like I said, I’ll do another post with pictures of what I actually did!


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