Who’s that lady?

I’ll tell you who I am, but that’d require a lot of liquor and too many awkward moments to try to forget later on. *cue crickets* Other than that, I’m a SAHM to four small children (identical boys Evan and Liam, Claire and Jacob) and I am married to my partner in crime Dan who is an active duty Marine. I enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning up after little people 20 times a day,  drinking wine and driving myself nuts trying new activities. These are my  triumphs and fails of learning this so called “motherhood” on my own, along with beginning my new life as a Marine wife. I hope you enjoy the ride, and, try not to puke!





2 thoughts on “Who’s that lady?”

  1. Thank you so much for your posts! My husband is also in the USMC and is currently on recruiting duty in Northern CA. Our twin boy and girl were born just about a year ago. It was nice to know that I have not been alone in my experience…I often referred to your posts while getting through the crazy year.

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