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DIY baby wipes

Have you really read the ingredient label on a box of wipes? How bout on a box of the “natural” wipes? If you haven’t go ahead and try to pronounce those ingredients without having to sound it out slowly, I know I can’t!

When I wanted to cloth diaper I also wanted to make my own wipes but in the beginning, we had a box of wipes because I wasn’t sure if i’d have time to make them. Well, after getting some diaper rashes when they were younger, I experimented with some wipes solution recipes to see what worked and came up with this simple one. Ever since I started making my own, there’s no more diaper rash and as a bonus, I can use these on myself to take off my makeup. They smell great and remind me of a that freshly showered smell. I make these with paper towels but you could totally use up some rags to use for cloth wipes, which I intend on doing as soon as this package of paper towels is used up. In the end, this is way cheaper to make on my own and I feel better that there are only 4 ingredients I can pronounce with no problems. I’ve had no problems with mold and the solution sat there in the bottle for a month while I was on vacation and nothing, not even the wipes I had in their diaper bag or upstairs in their room.

Anti fungal wipes solution


  • 3 cups warm water
  • 1 tbsp baby shampoo, preferably tear free ( for these I used the lavender and chamomile scented soap)
  • 1 tbsp apricot oil (you can use olive oil, coconut oil or any natural oil you want. Baby oil works too but it’s not CD safe.)
  • 3 drops tea tree oil
  • couple drops of your choice of essential oil (optional but not necessary)
  • funnel
  • 1 roll of paper towels  (I use the these Bounty ones)
  • Empty wipes container or wipe warmer case

1. Take the paper towel roll and cut in half.


2. Grab a container that can hold at least a liter of liquid (I used a cleaned out glass whiskey bottle). Place the funnel in the opening of your bottle and pour all the ingredients in.


3. Once all ingredients are in, place cap on bottle and shake to combine.


4. Pour a 1/2 cup of the prepared solution into a container.


5. Fold the towels in there to fit. After a few layers, press down so more will fit in. This old Huggies container held about half of the roll.

IMAG2765 (1)           IMAG2766    IMAG2767

6. Pour the another 1/2 cup over the top of the wipes, close the top and flip upside down for 10 minutes, then flip back over for another 10 minutes.

IMAG2768 (1)

7. Check to if wipes are saturated. If they are not, pour more solution where it is dry and let them sit again.
8. Once the wipes are saturated enough, thread them through the opening and use away!

They should be moist, but not overly damp or else, they will tear easily. These smelled amazing with the lavender/chamomile soap!


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My cloth diapering experience

My cloth diaper stash

Now that the boys are 6 1/2 months old, 5 adjusted, i’ve gotten used to this whole cloth diapering thing and I gotta say, it’s a whole lot easier than I thought! When I first mentioned it to people that I wanted to cloth diaper, they just laughed at me and said i’d have no time and that i’d better use a cloth diapering service to save that time for the babies. Now, when I first envisioned cloth I could only think of the old school diapers that my mom used on us but I had seen other mom’s doing cloth and it just looked so different. After talking with a few of them and seeing what they used, I knew it was a route I wanted to go on. The first steps were to research the kinds of cloth, now, i’m no expert yet but from what I read, pockets and prefolds were the easiest and cheapest routes to go. Here’s a link so some info about the different kinds of new cloth diapers: 

Now, there are TONS AND TONS of cloth diapers out there, too many to even start discussing but I knew the cheapest routes were going to be key to diaper two boys into the potty training age, but where do I start? There are ridiculous amounts of pages to get cloth diapers from $5 a diaper up to $50, it’s insanity!! After asking my friends who cloth they said the best way would be co-ops, where a bunch of people pay one person to order diapers in bulk for a discount. They added me to a few groups on Facebook and after asking some of the people on there which pockets are good/cheap, Alva diapers constantly popped up and seemed to be a very popular diaper to most moms, so I placed an order in some co ops for their newborn diapers and the one size diapers as well. Some argue about the “china cheapie diapers” but for me, they’ve worked out GREAT!  i was a bit skeptical at first, being a first time cloth diapering mom but I’m very glad 98% of my stash are these pockets. They’re well made, absorb well, cute prints, the newborns fit my preemie babies and they fit my budget! I believe in total, I have about 60 (mix of newborn and one size) and I love them all. For their inserts, I have all bamboo (2,3 and 4 layer) and they hold a good amount of pee, so i’m actually thinking of getting more once another co-op starts up. So along with all the pockets I got covers and imagine prefold diapers from nicki’s diapers along with some Thirsties covers. Now, these covers are GREAT, I love the double gussets on them and they’ve saved me from a few blowouts when they were breastfeeding. The imagine prefolds are great too, I sort of wish I would have gotten them in bamboo or hemp, I might get some later on, but overall, these are the cheapest route for cloth.

Overall, I haven’t had any issues using cloth, in fact, I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERING BABIES!!!! Believe me, it’s not hard with twins and totally do-able, so if you’re wondering if you can or wondering if its too much to handle with twins: yes you can and no it’s not! We have hard water in our place so using the original Tide powder detergent works great, and from what I researched, Tide is great for hard water. The only issue I was having was some repelling. I stripped, washed and made sure the fit was right on the diapers but they were just not absorbing any pee, so after asking around, I got suggestions on using RLR laundry treatment and Calgon water softener. After doing a cycle of RLR, my repelling issues disappeared and now I use the Calgon softener regularly without any problems. So, I will say that, for those who have hard water, have those two things on hand, well three including the Tide and you should be golden!

A fluff butt shot

If you guys want more info or reviews on what I use just ask and i’ll try and do some of those !